"Best Fitness of Westport
& Calasanz Physical Arts
is the marriage of ancient
wisdom & modern sports

Best Fitness of Westport is:
Something for everyone: The cornerstone of Best Fitness of Westport is the Calasanz Physical Arts system. Its great exercise for men, women, and children of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Anyone at any level can perform these exercises successfully.

An overall body workout: The Physical Arts training program mainly takes place with light ankle weights and dumbbells and done on the floor, a ballet bar, special platform, and or a bench. This is holistic fitness training, and we are striving for you to achieve a well balanced body, so in the same exercise you are training strength, body alignment, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, core training and muscle tone. Regular practice increases your strength, athletic ability and quality of life as well as lengthening and elongating your body, relieving stress and increasing your over all well being.

Self defense: You are actually learning specific martial arts techniques that are useful for self-defense because many of the exercises are functional. And as your training progresses you will find that as in many martial arts teachings, there are hidden secrets within the exercises for you to discover.

Fat Burning: The aerobic and anaerobic nature of these exercises helps to burn fat, promotes weight loss and tones your entire body. And at the same time there is so much material and information to learn

See for yourself the difference in your training with the Calasanz Physical Arts system located at 507 Westport Avenue, Norwalk CT 06851 and tryout our FREE TRIAL CLASS!!!

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